Petrophysics, Inc.
P.O. Box 863323 / Plano, Texas 75086

Log Scanning and Digitizing Services

Petrophysics, Inc. offers custom well log digitizing and scanning services with a tradition of quality product and reasonable turnaround time.

Our digitizing service includes scan to tif image(if needed) and/or digitize log curves to .las format to email or put on digital media.

Delivery via e-mail is standard

We have forty-three years of log digitizing experience.

Please contact us to receive price quotes for these services. Volume discounts may apply depending on the size and nature of your project.

Joe H. Smith presented a poster session titled, A Method for Computing Pseudo-Sonics from E-Logs in a Clastic Geologic Setting. at the GCAGS Conference in Corpus Christi, TX , Oct. 2007. A pdf file of the abstract may be downloaded here, Pseudo-sonic Abstract, permission to quote this document is granted to academic users with proper acknowledgement of the author, all others please email for permission.

Velbase contains many wells not found in other las data libraries.