Petrophysics, Inc.
P.O. Box 863323 / Plano, Texas 75086

Synthetic Seismogram Services

Petrophysics, Inc. offers custom synthetic seismogram services using our proprietary software. Our product is widely used in the exploration community in support of prospect development and evaluation.

The price for synthetic seismograms is $250.00 plus the cost of digitizing or digital log data for the well. Synthetics can also be processed from client supplied las files for a nominal reformat/edit fee ($12.00/curve displayed).

We need the following from the client to create an accurate synthetic seismogram: 1. Sonic log + density where available (from our database or we can digitize your log). 2. Geologic tops in MD. 3. Sample seismic which ties the well. Usually at 5"/sec., VA/Wiggle trace, B/W. No color please.Features included with our service:

  • Wavelet optimized with time variant option
  • Density incorporated and correlation log displays
  • Geology posted
  • Check shot corrections or tie to seismic line
  • Time/ depth listing with horizon interval tabulation
  • Frequency response panel
  • Phase response panel
  • AVO amplitude modeling(optional)
  • True vertical depth conversion(optional)
  • Pseudo-sonic from resistivity($75.00 add'l). See abstract of recent paper under Log Services link to the left.
  • A workstation loadable file with the synthetic and other log curves in time as well as an las file of log data (depth) is provided.
  • For detail instructions on how to load our synthetic file into SMT© go here-Load Synthetic Trace Right click the link to download a printable .txt file.

For additional details regarding this service please contact Joe Smith at Petrophysics, Inc.


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