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Digital Sonic Well Log Database

Petrophysics, Inc. maintains a database of digitized sonic, density and other log curves covering the Gulf Coast onshore area; Texas, Louisiana, Arkansas, Alabama/Florida, and Mississippi. In addition we have a limited number of shear wave sonics in various areas. These are listed under "SHEAR LOGS" with curve/price detail in the spreadsheet. This data base covers all of the counties involved in the Eagle Ford shale play.

Log data are delivered in las format by email or on magnetic media.

Log data is priced by volume purchased according to the following:

  • to 100K curve/ft $.50/100'
  • 100K to 300K curve/ft $.45/100'
  • 300K + curve/ft $.40/100'

Example: Purchase two curves from well #LL3392, DT/SP from 2950' to 10940'. Equals 15980 net curve ft @$.005=$79.90. We do not sell partial curve intervals.

To download an index file in .xls format 'right click' on the blue link and save it to your desktop (You may want to put it in a "Petrophysics" folder).

For a brief tutorial of how to sort our spreadsheets click this link.Sort Instructions

To order data either call us at 713-560-9733 or email. Please reference items you wish to purchase by our file name. Please order by file name and include your company billing information and address if you are a new customer.

Area/File Size Download Link  
Texas Onshore/1.6MB TX_ON_LOGS  
Louisiana Onshore/554KB LA_ON_LOGS  
Arkansas/28KB AR_LOGS  
Alabama/Florida/ 45KB AL_FL_LOGS  
Mississippi/ 88KB MS_LOGS  
Barnett Shale Area/ 16KB BARNETT SHALE  
Shear Wave Data/ 16KB Shear Wave Logs  

Petrophysics, Inc. also offers velocity survey data to our customers. Our Velocity Survey database contains many wells not found in local libraries.