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Log Digitizing Services

Petrophysics, Inc. offers custom well log digitizing services with a tradition of quality product and reasonable price and turnaround time.

Our digitizing service requires client supplied tif or pdf image to be digitized to .las format. Along with detail instructions as to curve/intervals to be digitized. Please be very sprcific in your request.

Delivery via e-mail is included, typically no so called "set-up" charges apply but we do have a minimum charge of $35.00/las file.

We have forty-plus years of log digitizing experience.

Please contact us to receive a price quote for your job as requirements for digitizing projects can vary substantially.

We have a unique business model for this modern world, provide a quality service at a fair price in a timely fashion. No gimmics!

Velbase contains many wells not found in other las data libraries.